Friday Friday!

That Friday Feeling!

UPDATE 18.03.2018: The Saturday night concert is full. Choirs registering from today will be invited to perform at the Friday night concert only. 

As those who have been to Street Choirs before can attest, the Saturday ‘back-to-back’choir concert can seem overwhelmingly long and sometimes onerous. Therefore, in response to feedback from previous Festivals, , we are trying a new system this year – namely having two choir concerts instead of just one on Saturday.

Our plan is to have two equally weighted (there is no ‘top billing’!) concerts on Friday and Saturday nights. We plan to have about 20 choirs in each show, interspersed with local Brighton acts to provide a diverse and enjoyable 2 evenings’ entertainment! 

In order for this to work, we need all choirs to consider whether they will be able to sing in the Friday night show, and say YES to positive change!

We know that many of you are coming from far flung locations, and, we will of course take this on board in our planning, BUT, in order for this to work, we need more choirs to be saying YES to FRIDAY!

If you are ‘local’ (the South East, or even South o’Sheffield) please please consider saying YES to FRIDAY! And a huge THANKS to those choirs coming from the Great North who have said that they can perform in the Friday show – it really really helps our planning.

So – if you have already signed up (welcome!) and – can you reconsider your Friday decision?

And – if you haven’t yet signed up PLEASE consider singing on the Friday instead of the Saturday!

Thanks choral comrades,

The Hullabaloo Crew

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